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Welcome Tiger Cub Scouts

posted Sep 16, 2015, 12:24 AM by Brian Elkin   [ updated Sep 16, 2015, 12:24 AM ]
Welcome to the Tiger Den for Pack 77.  My name is Brian Elkin and together with David Louie, Gary Ballabio and Chris Ling we are the leaders of Den 1 Tigers.  Hopefully you have already registered and completed all information listed in the getting started section of this website.  This includes medical forms, uniform and handbook ordering and registrations. 

A couple of items I wanted to talk about.  Our first Den meeting will be on Monday September 21st starting at 6pm in the Almond multi-purpose room and last for 1 hour.  Here is our Den calendar if you want to add it to your own calendar.  The den meetings will only include Tiger cub scouts and their Akela or adult sponsor.  It is expected at this level that each cub scout will have an Akela with them.  Our main goal during the meetings is to get the kids having fun, but they will also have different responsibilities.  They will get a chance to be a leader and a follower.  They will get to be creative and explore. 

Part of your uniform ordering, was to order a Tiger Cub Scout handbook.  This book lists the activities required to get badges for the scouts and will be our guide book.  Please take a look at this handbook for reference, we will be talking a little bit about it at the end of our first meeting.  We will also be using a website called which will help us to keep track of what our scouts have accomplished and what awards and badges they have earned.  You will get an invitation for this website in the next few weeks..  If you are unable to come to a den meeting or activity, you can do the missing tasks on your own.  While we are the den leaders we would like each parent to start thinking and looking through the handbook to find some activities they would like to plan and organize.  Pairing up with other parents is encouraged.

Right now our meetings are scheduled for the 4th Monday of each month, but we will be changing some meetings so that we can go on outdoor adventures during the weekends as well. 

There is a pack meeting that happens the 2nd Thursday of each month.  These meetings are for all cub scouts in Pack 77.  You can see and add the pack calendar here.  During these meetings if scouts have completed badges, they would be presented and there are some fun activities that we do as a pack.

There is already a cub on camping trip planned and there are a number of tiger cub scouts planning to attend as well as some older cub scouts in pack 77.  It is happening on October 16th to the 18th in the Santa Cruz mountains at a cub scout campground.  The cub on camping is open to the entire family.  For this one, food is supplied so no need to do any cooking.  Here are some of the activities that they have Hiking • Fishing • Boating • Archery • BB Guns • Crafts. Here is a link to register and here are details about it.  Make sure you register for the October 16th to the 18th one.  Please let one of the leaders know if you are planning to attend.

I think that is it for now, we look forward to seeing you on Monday the 21st at 6pm in the Almond Multi-purpose room.